meat from poop

I think the gnarliest part of the video at 2:13, when the people are actually eating the turd-burgers.

Yeah, I was hoping this was gonna be fake news as well. But, it ain’t.  Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a Japanese scientist studying at the Okayama Laboratory, has created meat or steaks or something f-ing gross from human feces.

The Tokoyo Sewage people contacted Mitsuyuki because they are having a huge problem with sewage mud.  They wanted to see if there was anything that could be done with it.  So, naturally, Mitsuyuki turned it into “food.”  Mitsuyuki found that the sewage mud had a ton of protein in it because of the huge amounts of bacteria found in the mud.

Mitsuyuki and his team of researchers extract the protein from the human poo, throw in a reaction enhancer, then toss the whole thing into an exploder which creates these artificial steaks.

The Pooh-Meat is:

63% Protien

25% Carbohydrates

9% Minerals

3% Lipids (fat)

These pooh-steaks cost about 20X the price of a normal steak right now, but these guys hope to bring the prices down to that of regular meats.  Thank god.

If actually are weird enough to wanna learn more, do it here:  Japanese Pooh Steaks

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