Despite being so close to summer, we’re obviously not there yet, judging by the frost on my windshield this morning at least. So, maybe hold off on breaking out that new bathing suit and squeeze (hopefully) one last appearance out of that puffy coat.  Yeah, it sucks. But, you know what they say about the weather in Jackson, “if you don’t like it, get the hell out of here.”

Salsa Dancing Instruction with Alex Ruiz, Friday 7PM, 8PM, and 9PM; Dancers’ Workshop Studio 1

If you’re not making a b-line for the 5 o’clock happy hour at the Caddy, maybe check out a little hip-swinging, Salsa action. Three different sessions provide instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancers. Who knows, this could be your calling….and what else are you going to do between the Caddy’s happy hours.

Hypnautic feat. King Tef & Johny Rocketz, Friday 10PM; Town Square Tavern

Straight out of the rugged 303, Hypnautic delivers fresh hip-hop beats with Tef and Johny Rocketz. My prediction is a scene filled with drunk girls that just moved here and drunker guys trying to dance/pick a fight with you for dancing with their girlfriend.  Just sayin…

Jackson Hole Bike Park Opens, 9AM-5PM; Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

The snow has finally melted enough for the bike park to open at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. So grab your whip and head out to the hill to get some dirt-gnar. Hell, might as well bring your skis too and squeeze in an early tram lap. Season passes, unfortunately, are not honored for the bike park.

Jackson Hole 1/2 Marathon, 8AM Teton Village

With Jackson’s virtually non-existent Kenyan and Ethiopian population, the Jackson Hole half marathon is up for grabs. For non-marathon people, that’s 13.1 miles of pure running bliss. So, if you fancy yourself a runner, get out there and rub those ankles raw!

Miami in Jackson Party, Saturday 8PM; Dancers’ Workshop Studio 1

Assuming you got your Salsa moves tuned up Friday night, put them to good use at the Miami in Jackson Party. Finally, you have an excuse to wear all that gear that you could pull off in Miami, but might get beat up here for wearing. I’m not sure exactly what Miami clothing is, but I assume if you have it, you know.

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