warren miller squaw valley 2011

Warren’s latest film is gonna have a ton of Squaw Valley in it. Notice the opening and closing shots in the trailer are shots taken from the Squaw Valley Cable Car.  Even the shot right before the closing shot (at 1:30) is a time lapse of Squaw Creek with Squaw in the background.

You’ll see Timy Dutton throwing a backflip, JT ripping pow, and I didn’t notice Michelle Parker in there, but she’ll be in the movie as she was out filming with the crew most everyday they were out.

Kip Garre and the PNH crew (largely from Squaw) are also gonna be in the movie to make it something to remember.

Tom Day shot all the stuff at Squaw and more. He is a principal cinematographer for Warren Miller’s movies and has been for a long time.  Tom lives in Squaw Valley and is a fantastic human.

Just to see & remember Squaw in the epic year of 2011, I think going to this year’s Warren Miller movie, his 62nd,  is a must.

Alright, Trailer Season is here.  Stay tuned as we’ll have all the good ones for ya.


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