I’ve gotta say, this trailer is pretty goddamn entertaining. Great park/urban stuff no doubt.  But there is also some crazy big mountain scenes, including one where the guy goes bigger than I’ve seen in a while.  In classic “trailer” fashion, they don’t let us see the landing, but it worked.  I’m intrigued.

The production company’s name lets us wonder:  “what the hell does Aestivation mean!?” I looked it up for us.  Wikipedia says Aestivation:  “refers to the positional arrangement of the parts of a flower within a flower bud before it has opened.”

Kindov a cool name once you know what it means. It is always interesting how these guys in non-English speaking countries name their movies in English.  I supposed it’s because English is arguably the 1st or 2nd most spoken language on Earth.  Spanish and Mandarin are the others in the top 3.  Boom, knowledge.