Jumpers Ben Mitchell and James MacDonald.  The pilot is Alex Cuddy who owns and runs http://www.thermalskysports.com.

From Ben, “We launched off of Slide [Mountain], from the lower parking lot at Mt. Rose ski area.  [Alex]put the video together.  We flew out over Route 395 and cut-away above the landing area.  We were about 800 feet over the ground. Alex went into a dive and then did a big wingover, which is him pulling up in the hang and then banking back hard to the right.  Just as he was at the top of the wingover, we cut-away and went flying from the glider. It was super fun to figure out the system.  None of us had done that before, so playing with the rigging and deciding how it would work was interesting.  I will say that running off of the launch clipped into the system was fairly exciting, and of course, it worked perfectly!”

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