Some genius has finally figured out how to eat your own shit.  Mitsyuki Ikeda spent many hours and a lot of research dollars working on the method of transforming human waste into a meal.  Word has it the waters are getting overfished and sushi may run out someday, but eating crap sounds a little excessive.

Not too sure is all this effort was worth it.   I think you will be very hard pressed to find many people that could muster up the stomach force down this meal.  I have seen too much all of my waste if all of it doesn’t make it down in one flush.  What was going through this man’s head when he had this idea?

If you have a strange desire to sample this new creation, it will cost 10-20 times the price of proper meat.  Looks like Mitsyuki may loose his shirt on this one.  At least he will not go hungry.


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