This is what a Ferrari would look like if it were a foot cycle.
Dropping in.

Upon arriving back on home soil, I didn’t hesitate to swap out my old parts, and get my new bits on the prototype Evil Undead chassis. With the advent of new and lighter parts, I effectively dropped the weight of this ‘Ferrari’ of a race bike down about 7 pounds from its predecessor the Revolt. As it stands right now, it’s in the realm of 34 pounds, which is pretty much ridiculous in the downhill mountain biking world.

Cal rolls into a steep.

Running Rock Shox Boxxer world cups, a Vivid air rear shock, DT Swiss ex 1750’s, Avid Code’s, a Chromag saddle, and Truvativ components, this bike is ready to slay anything and everything that comes it’s way. Here’s the first look at the completely rebuilt set up.

This is what a Ferrari would look like if it were a foot cycle.

My good chap Callum and I ventured out in the woods south of town to run a preliminary test on the bike, and dial in the new parts. It had taken the better half of an entire day to piece together the bike, so we only had enough light to shoot a few pictures. Here are some images to get stoked upon.

A cool close up perspective.
Getting amongst.

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