colby west in austria

Check out Colby’s latest video of him impersonating an Austrian and ripping it up in Austrian terrain parks.

We’ve always enjoyed Colby’s antics on screen:  the singing, the impressions, and the willingness to poke fun at himself.  We really do think he’s a welcome relief to all the I’m-Radder-Than-You-Ness going around

in mainstream ski/board videos. Colby’s attitude and approach really is something more along the lines of G.N.A.R. than any one else is portraying in the main stream right now.  And we don’t think you can disagree that Shane would think this guy is funny.

One thing you hear a lot is that Colby’s strength in the MSP films is his comedic relief not his skiing. We’d argue that his skiing is still pretty superb, but we can recognize that the level of park skiing has gotten unbelievable and that Colby isn’t exactly on board with that super elite movement.  Regardless, the guy’s skiing is sick.  But, it’s really his personality and comedy that adds so much to MSP films.

What do you guys think?  How good is Cody?  Is he a better comedian than skier?  Do you appreciate having him in the films?  We sure do.

Hell, we’re hopin’ he’ll have a comedy career after skiing.  Stranger things have happened.

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3 replies on “Colby James West | Better Comedian Than Skier?”