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It’s refreshing to see a soul skier/rider movie out there that isn’t based on:

“How much F-ing radder we are than you!  Don’t believe us?  Then watch this movie, CHUMP-SUCKA!”

This movie gives of a strong flavor of what it’s like to spend a winter in Whistler as a real human being and what it’s like to chase the snow there.

This was Dendrite Studios entry for the Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whislter, Canada. The entire movie was made in 7 days in April, 2011.

I know there are some other movies out there with soul, but they certainly do seem few and far between.  Sweetgrass has been doing a good job with this.  Any other soulful movies to be known about? Lemme know and we’ll get something about ’em up on Unofficial

Skiers: Dave Treadway, Daryl Treadway, Matt Elliott, Alex Prochazka, Chris Turpin, Liam Casey, Maxim Arsenault

Snowboarders: John Burr, Jake Bauer, Gabriel Fradette, Mike Osachuk

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