A quick look at the Evil Undead.

Jumped in the truck early this week to head to Seattle with Callum Jelley. We had planned to head down and meet up with our friend and owner of Evil Bikes, Kevin Walsh. News was in that he had received a few prototypes of the new carbon fiber chassis, and we’re staged to do testing on the new bike.

Sitting down with Cal and Kevin at Vivace enjoying the most delicious coffee.

We met up at what is now considered my favorite coffee shop in the whole world. This spot is called Vivace, and they use super old machines that were brought from Italy to make their delicious coffees with. It’s almost worth the drive just for a cup of their coffee, it’s that good. Their baristas put heart and soul into the presentation of each cup, which is a nice added touch.

This is what pure coffee perfection looks like.

We spent some time milling about the city, checking out some cool local spots before heading to the office downtown to build up our new machines. It took the better half of the afternoon to put them together, and oh man, they are seriously the sickest looking downhill bikes on the planet right now.

A quick look at the fully carbon Evil Undead.
Bunch of old bikes racked up at the Public Market
The gum wall.
Cool old buildings downtown.
Some cool architecture.
These trees had socks.
A plane takes off over the skyline.

The next couple days would be spent doing shuttles on Kevin’s downhill trails, getting used to how feather light these bikes are, and running them through their paces. It was awesome to follow Kevin down his trails, which were rocky, steep and gnarly. We quite enjoyed.

Cruisin downtown with the new bikes in the back.
Kevin and Cal discuss the ins and outs of the new bike at the trail head.

After taking in some solid riding, and crushing a few more of those delicious cups of coffee, we ventured back to Canada, so we could start running our tests on the new bikes. Stay tuned for some more biking photos this week, as we unleash them in the Whistler.

On the freeway leaving town. See you later Seattle!

– Mason Mashon

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