katal landing pad

I like the whole idea of hucking into an air bag.  I like that you can try crazy tricks or work on putting together new moves in a low consequence  environment.  But, I’ve always wondered how well it translated to actually landing a trick.  You huck, spin, flip, whatever, then land in a huge bag of air that throws off your orientation and doesn’t allow you to keep riding.

After watching this video of the Katal Landing Bag I’m convinced I’d enjoy trying this bag way more than others.  It’s cool that it’s close by in Mammoth, as well.  With the Katal, you can land your trick on your feet on the bag and keep skiing/riding away.

This seems like a much more progressive way to hit a bag and one that will translate seamlessly into sticking new tricks on real jumps.

If anyone in here has hit this or does soon down in Mammoth, shoot me a quick review.  I’m super curious how this thing is in practice.

More info on the Katal Landing Pad at this link.

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