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Alright, with the help of Happy Boarder and some more digging around I was able to dig up some epic X-man footage. What I love about this video is that it shows the incredible run that Xavier rode in the Freeride World Tour at Verbier last year.  The hucks a 50 footer and stomps it and dumps his speed right away.

On the Bec de Rosses (the Veriber FWT venue), that is an insanely burly line because once you land, there is still a lot more 45+ degree face with cliffs below you. Our boy JT Holmes tried the same line after the X-man, landed it but got tossed trying to dump speed, ended up doing about 25 cartwheels, almost died when he missed clobbering a rock by about 6 feet, and had to get long-line heli evacuated off the mountain.

The AK footage is also pretty brilliant. Xavier charges harder than anyone up there and it’s amazing to see how fast he rides those AK spines.

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