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The Music Seen
by Salm “Fong Torres”
Photo’s by Ryan Salm Photography

I haven’t always been a photographer of pretty girls, rad lines and wacky antics. My photo career has taken me around the world and into some of our country’s most celebrated music venues and festival grounds. While most folks go to shows to dance, let go, socialize and get silly, I am often times the guy sneaking around trying to capture the essence of those shows on film. Over time I developed an opinion and started putting those words to paper. My words and photos appeared as the voice for the North Tahoe music scene for the last decade.

There was an issue though. Those words were controlled and edited and my reviews became puff pieces and ads for venues and bands.

Welcome to Salm Fong Torres’ real world of music. Bottom line is that I love music. It makes me happy, sad, dries me out and at times makes me wet. My weekly posts will take you inside shows and festivals through photos, interviews, previews and reviews, talk about new music and at times just be rants about the current state of the music scene both local and national. I am open to suggestions and comments (though I may very well ignore them). This piece will be completely biased, uncompromised, unedited, and Unofficial.

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This week in Tahoe area music:

06/09/11   Thursday   Dead Winter Carpenter’s – Cooper’s Nevada City, CA

06/10/11    Friday       Melvin Seals & JGB – Center for the Arts , Grass Valley, CA

Zion I – Miner’s Foundary , Nevada City, CA

Dead Winter Carpenter’s – Divided Sky – South Lake Tahoe

Les Dudek – Crystal Bay Club       Free

06/11/11    Saturday    Dead Winter Carpenter’s – Truckee Brew Fest, CA

Les Dudek – Crystal Bay Club      Free

Mushroom Head – Knitting Factory, Reno

06/14/11     Tuesday    Big Head Todd & Toots and the Maytals – Knitting Factory, Reno

All images are the property and copyright of Ryan Salm Photography.