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This video is fantastic remix put together by sfskier0com.

Sitting in your house on a nasty, rainy day?  We are, too.  June, huh.  Sweeeeeet.  Saturday, huh.  Even sweeter.
Well, this video made us feel better.  We’re confident it’ll do the same to you.  The Paul Oakenfold helps bring you up as well.
The only saving grace is that it is currently DUMPING in the higher elevations and nothing is gonna stop us from getting up there on monday or tuesday when this storm finally blows through.  I’m not kidding, it’s gonna be all-time up there!  And we’ll have it all documented for ya next week.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Anything is better than a weekend in the rain.
Video description by skskier0com:
I remixed some of the clips from the ski movie Claim (2008) to the El Nino track on Paul Oakenfold’s album Tranceport (1998).

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