North Shore is considered a vintage riding spot in the mountain bike world. The original trails were at the forefront of the freeride mountain bike movement, well over 15 years ago, and many of them still stand to this day. That being said, older trails that are built on steep terrain eventually need maintenance. So a few of us from Whistler drove down to North Vancouver for a trail day.

Diggin' dirt is fun.
One shovel load at a time.

I was invited down to come help out on a trail day with the NSMBA, to work on an old trail called ‘Dales Trail’. Roughly 20 volunteers came out to participate in the rebuild, including two of the original builders on the shore, Todd ‘Digger’ Fiander, and Jerry Willows. When you have a crew of that size, it’s pretty easy to get lots of work done. Within the span of five hours, the trail had been completely transformed. The team added new rock armoring for protection against erosion, fresh dirt, new features, re-routed lines for better flow, fresh berms, you name it. The section of trail we worked on look good as new once the crew finished up for the day.

Install and fill of a new berm helped improve the flow of this section drastically.
A view of a re-route that had been transformed.
Even this young chap came to help out.

It’s nice to get your hands dirty when supporting a cause that you enjoy so much. I was happy to make the day trek down there to work with the team of esteemed builders. Now I just need to head down there and ride it!


– Mason Mashon