These guys are absolutely insane! It’s kinda funny because the trailer starts with voiceovers. We first hear from a French guy saying “Adrenaline is the most addictive drug there is” -True. But you could just go take some epinephrine. Next we hear what we assume to be a Sledneck saying” I wouldn’t change anything in my life” -Maybe true but being a pro F1 driver might be cooler than being a Sledneck. Debatable.

The next phrase in our voiceover montage says: “Once you figure out what sets you free. You’re way beyond the point of no return” -I agree that if you jump your sled off a 75foot cliff you’re past the point of no return. The last line in the trailer intro says: “People really have no idea what we’re doing out there” -YEP, You guys are F*ing NUTS!

-However, with this insanity comes injures. Watch Chris Brown absolutely destroy himself:

He suffered a shattered Pelvis, shattered tib/fib, two broken ankles, missing heel, broken vertebrae, broken tailbone, as well as a lacerated abdomen and bladder…

Worth it?  Humans let’s hear your thoughts?

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