squaw valley last day of 2011 season ski

This photo of Squaw was taken at 8:30am on Memorial Day, 2011.

Yep, today’s the last day and it’s looking good out there. The mountain got tracked out pretty good yesterday, but there are still a few zones that were untouched. Patrol didn’t let us up Granite Chief Peak yesterday nor did they allow us to hike up The Palisades.  The sun did come out yesterday afternoon and it’s effects were strong.  There’s a good chance that the snow on GCP and The Palisades is cooked and crusted today, but maybe that snow is still good.

The ‘sades did look kinda icy yesterday resulting from the north wind that was blasting the face of ‘em.  Which also means that the hike is icy which would keep patrol from letting us hike it from Headwall.  Maybe they’ll let us hike it from Gold Coast?

The Forecast for Valley Floor Today:

– Mostly Sunny.  High of 52F.  Winds up to 25mph.

The Forecast for This Week:

– Tuesday – SNOW

– Wednesday – SNOW

– Thursday – SNOW

– Friday – SNOW

– Saturday – SNOW

– Sunday – SNOW

I’m not kidding, check the forecast yourself!  www.noaa.gov

Happy Memorial Day!!