All anyone could say last night was “no way, I can’t believe it’s snowing like this in the end of May.” Apparently they didn’t know that Damn-Near-June powder is the best.  It really is, because you’re completely over skiing.

headwall squaw valley powder day may 2011Headwall this morning, May 29, 2011.

You’ve gotten your fill by the end of May and you really can’t even remember what it is about skiing that had you so addicted…Then it dumps and you get a powder day like today and you remember.

You remember all other types of skiing:  park, bumps, groomers, slush are just things to do inbetween powder days.  Powder is why we ski here and why we love skiing and why we drive up from The Bay in dangerous nuclear snowstorms around I-80 road closures via highways 49 and 89 taking 8 hours to get to Tahoe.  It was all for POWDER.

squaw valley the sisters powder day may 2011This is Squaw, guys were still pushing it today.

Today reminded us of why we ski.  And we aren’t easily going to forget before the next powder day in November.  Hell, the next powder day is only 5 or 6 months away.  I think many us can agree that this was the best winter ever and summer actually sounds like a gentle, soothing, welcome change.

high camp squaw valley may 2011There is still lotsa snow in spots.  High Camp, Squaw Valley.

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