headwall squaw valley windy memorial day 2011

Headwall and the Upper Mountain in a cloud on May 27th, 2011.

It felt a lot more like December than damn-near-June at Squaw today.  High winds, low temps, and low visibility reminded us that 2011 was: “THE YEAR THAT HAD NO SPRING.”

The top of the Headwall chair has ripping winds with gusts up to 60 mph right now at 12:30pm and the air temp is only 28F up there. The Headwall chair ride was brutal and most only did it once.  The KT ride is pretty windy as well.  At the base right now it is only 39F and it’s very windy.

headwall patrol shack squaw valley memorial day 2011Headwall patrol shack and the Palisades.  May 27th, 2011

All that having been said, the skiing was good.  The few inches of new snow that came in on Wednesday had been cooked and frozen and was corny and smooth.  You still couldn’t open it up too much, but you could rip some pretty smooth turns top to bottom and get in a good rhythm.

sun bowl and alpine meadows squaw valley memorial day 2011Sun Bowl.  Memorial day weekend 2011.

Bottom Line:

It was just weird to have such a wintery day on Memorial Day Weekend.  I think we all just want a little bit of Spring Skiing before it’s all over.  But, we shouldn’t be complaining, because the skiing was good today.  In reality I should be down on my knees thanking Mother Nature for such a fierce winter.   And I do thank her…but, I could really use some sun and warmth now, please.

headwall chair squaw valley memorial day weekend 2011Top of the Headwall chair where the wind was really cutting into ya.  Memorial day weekend 2011.

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