A hard freeze on Saturday night left Squaw with some prime spring skiing conditions on Sunday morning.  Headwall opened for the first time in a week and had perfectly smooth snow from the 12” snow storm that rolled through Tahoe on Tuesday night.

hiking the palisades squaw valley, ca may 2011

The coolest thing that happened yesterday, May 22nd, 2011, was patrol opening The Palisades.  They let us hike up from the top of Headwall chair.  The hike had one pretty sketchy part.  Check out the pic above.

ski tracks in the chimney the palisades squaw valley may 2011

If you look really close, you still won’t be able to see ski tracks near Easy Street in The Palisades’ Chimney.

It was pretty awesome to be up there so late in the season.  And to see how much snow there is.  Squaw has more snowpack right now than we usually get in a season.  A couple guys even poached The Chimney, which was lame because patrol almost closed The Palisades for everyone after that.  But, maybe they shoulda just had ‘em open?  Who’s to say…oh, yeah…us.

hot rod oakdale, ca chocolate festivalAfter skiing, on my way thru Oakdale, CA (cowboy capital of the world), I ended up at the Chocolate Festival and saw some of the most beautiful cars I’d ever seen.  Like this one. Yesterday ended up being a pretty sweet day in the life.  Great spring skiing at Squaw.  An awesome Chocolate Festival in Oakdale.  Then swimming and diving board flipping in Modesto.  California rules.  (writing in italics under a picture makes me feel like I can write about anything and it isn’t really ‘part’ of the article.)

Hot Rod.
Another Hot Rod.
The last one.

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