ski tracks in the palisades squaw valley may 18th 2011Tracks in The Palisades May 18th, 2011.

“Someone” coulda been patrol, but it does look like snowboard tracks in The Palisades, so, who knows.  Looks like they got a pretty good tour in.  There are tracks on The Palisades, Headwall Face, The Slot, & Chute 75 and I guarantee the conditions were pretty amazing.

the chimney squaw valley powder may 2011

The Chimney is absolutely Good-To-Go.

headwall ski tracks squaw valley may 2011

Look close and you’ll see tracks in The Slot & Headwall Face right under the chair.

ski tracks chute 75 kt 22 squaw valley powder may 2011Ski tracks in Chute 75 off KT-22.  McConkey’s/Eagle’s Nest looks kinda steep from this angle.

super pipe cut out for jon olsson squaw valley may 2011Jon Olsson is in town to hit the Red Bull half pipe. They have taken out huge sections of it that Jon will be gap jumping. Look at the picture.  The gaps are HUGE.  There is gonna be some good footage from this film session.

siberia squaw valley powder may 2011Siberia Ridge looking all-time.

North bowl headwall squaw valley powder may 2011North Bowl anyone?

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