headwall squaw valley may 16, 2011

Untouched Headwall.  It was like this for a while as there was no one at Squaw today.

I’ve gotta admit, I was initially bummed about the Tour of California being canceled…until my first run on Headwall. After that first run, I completely forgot to forget that I truly don’t give a damn about bike racing.  It was at that exact moment in space-time that I immediately, and sadly, remembered that all I care about in life is powder.  I suppose that is what I’ve come to and that is who I’ve come to be.

Watch this video to see White Pelicans crossing the Sierras, if nothing else.

Yet, that realization is in no way sad when it’s an actual powder day.  I’d gotten somewhat burned out on skiing.  Over it.  Just biding my time until summer took hold of Tahoe.  But, today, as soon as I took my first turn in the perfect, succulent, wind-blown powder on Headwall, I was straight back to being the powder-loving-fu#k-the-real-world fiend that I am. Once I’d enjoyed the mouth-feel of a few May face-shots, I realized that it’s not so bad to be a ski freak.  Especially on a powder day.

squaw valley powder day kt 22 may 16, 2011

Squaw reported 12-20 inches of fresh snow since Saturday night.  Overnight lows last night were in the teens.

adrenaline chute squaw valley powder day may 16, 2011The gnarliest line I saw go down at Squaw today = Adrenaline Chute.

Check out what www.TahoeWeatherDiscussion.com is saying about the storm coming in tonight:

Snow is set to arrive tonight and last through Wed morning as two more waves ridging the jetstream will hit CA tonight and again tomorrow night. We should see 2-4 inches at lake level tonight, maybe an inch tomorrow with temps above freezing, and 1-3 Tuesday night. Storm total of 4-8 inches at lake level by Wed. morning.

Above 7000 ft. temps will stay below freezing. We should see 4-8 inches tonight, 2-4 inches Tuesday, and 2-4 inches Tuesday night. Storm total of 8-16 inches above 7000 ft. by Wed. morning. Along the crest add an inch or two for each period for a storm total of 12-20 inches by Wed. morning. Don’t be surprised if someplace above 8000 ft. on the crest hits 2 feet, maybe Squaw. Three day totals Sun-Tues above 7000 ft. should be 2-3+ feet.

red dog ridge squaw valley kt 22 may 16, 2011

Red Dog Ridge was smoooooth today.

happy humans squaw valleyHappy Humans on KT 22 today

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