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B.N. Euro Style, Double Exposure

B.N. Euro Style, Double Exposure


B.N. Euro Style, Double Exposure


The line:

International G.N.A.R. competitors are really stepping it up.  In this clip and photographic evidence,  ‘Joey’  skis a super exposed line while wavin’ his dick in the wind.  The line is called Le Pan du Rateau which I think is French for ‘the line of shrinkage’.  This guy has huge balls and tells us to stay tuned for the west face of the Eiger!  Here is a direct quote after skiing this line with ‘double exposure’.  “So that is proof why I am the best fucking skier on this mountain, and why I am so much better then all of you and although I maybe didn’t win the complete game of GNAR, I am claiming that I hands down win the BN category.” -Joey

I would have to agree, nice work man!

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