In response to Say Good-Bye to Granite Chief for the Season | Squaw Spring Operations

So you are telling me that you would rather take the cable car up to high camp, ride Links and then get on a slow triple chair instead of walking up to KT and getting 1500′ vertical drop of sustained pitch off a highspeed quad? That makes no sense. Granite is a 45 minute commute to lower angle skiing with fewer laps. And I don’t want to hear anything about this elevation BS. Wax your skis why don’t ya. What if Bowling Andy is right and we get “Mayhem 2011”. Don’t you want to be riding the mothership?

I also applaud the new guys for making a push to keep Siberia and Headwall open. That is way cooler then having to take the cable car up to high camp listening to you tell everyone how rad you are.

Spring skiing off KT-22 is some of the best you will find anywhere in the world. Keeping KT open until the end of May is the nicest thing Squaw has done all year.



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