The World Skiing Innovational Ski Big AIR went off during the 2011 TELUS Fest in Whistler, BC. Watch as skiers huck their meat for a crowd of 10,000 World Skiing Invitational -BIG AIR | Unofficial Networks

World Skiing Invitational -BIG AIR

World Skiing Invitational -BIG AIR


World Skiing Invitational -BIG AIR


Wow! Not sure if I watched a big air event or a aerials contest? Speedy should really enter the next big air event, cross his skis in the air and take home the car. Sorry Bobby.
Is our sport turning into aerials? Well that’s a post for me to write next week when I’m rehabbing after surgery. Anyway back to Saturday night where 10,000+ people came out and packed the village square of Whistler to watch Big Air. The skiers threw down variations of multiple flipping whirlybird spinning maneuvers. It’s safe to say that the double 1260 is the new switch 1080 of our sport. But in the end it was Bob who took home another title. Mr. Bobby Browh had a good weekend in Whistler winning $10K in the Slopestuy and a Chevy Cruze for the Big Air title. If only all our lives could be that easy….


The snow was absolutely dumping out of the sky. You know when it snows so hard that it’s kind of a nuisance? I mean I love powder skiing as (…)

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