Squaw Valley USA International Mountain Resort just announced the date for the infamous Cushing Crossing.

This year it’s going to be held on May 29th.

Cushing Crossing is a first-class event where contestants attempt to ski/snowboard/ride whatever they want across Cushing Pond at the base of KT-22.

from Squaw’s webite:

Prizes are awarded in five divisions – men’s and women’s ski and snowboard divisions and the fifth, and often most amusing, the unlimited division. This last group of participants has been known to attempt the Cushing Crossing on beach chairs, old snowmobiles without engines and even a chair lift affixed to three snowboards.

Judging is based on style, grace, creativity, and of course, successfully crossing the lake. The grand prize is a 2010-11 Squaw Valley Bronze Season Pass, and $100 cash prize will be awarded to the winner of each class. The awards ceremony and deck party take place on the sun deck immediately following the event.

NEW Awards this year!

Skinny Skis Award: Goes to the skier who crosses the pond on skis narrower than 70mm and earns the most points. $100 cash prize.

The Most Creative Award: Goes to the pond skimmer who competes in the most creative costume and/or apparatus—successful crossing not required. $100 cash prize.

2010 Results:

Unlimted:  Dan Hurley
Womens Ski:  Katherine Lange
Womens Snowboard:  Iris Lazzareschi
Most Creative:  Derek Brown
Men’s Snowboard:  Spencer Cordovan
Overall Winner and Skinny Ski Winner:  Kyle Crezee



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