What the Hell to do in SLC this Week

What the Hell to do in SLC this Week


What the Hell to do in SLC this Week


This week in SLC we have a mixture of music and running. The marathon is going off downtown and ends at the Gateway sometime Saturday whenever the slow pokes finish it up. Spring is almost here, which means summer and the summer concert series are not too far off.


Friday April 15thPuddle on Mudd @ The Peppermill Casino in Wendover @ 8:00pm

I remember these guys rocking pretty hard a few years back. I think they are at the point in their career where they are bouncing back from too much drug use and groupie love. I am guessing they will rock the hell outta Wendover.


Saturday April 16thThe Salt Lake City Marathon @ The Gateway @ 7:00am – Whenever you finish

Salt Lake Running, SLC Marathon

If you like to run an long long way there is an event for you tomorrow. Go do your thing and run your ass off!


Saturday April 16th Rich Boy @ Club 90 @ 9:00pm

Get you hood-rat on!!! Seems like Rich Boy was in his prime about 3 years ago with Interscope, but I am guessing he still knows how to make that paper and put on a good show. If the show sucks you can always swing over to Allure and pick up some quality Sandy Co-eds.


Saturday April 16thDirty Blonde @ The Hog Wallow Pub @ 9:00pm

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I like the sound of Dirty Blonde, even though I have no idea who they are. Lets be honest you don’t go to the Hogs for the music, you go to see your friends and to hang on the best patio in SLC.

Thursday April 21stPinback @ The Depot @ 8:00pm

Pinback is another band that seemed to be killing it harder a few years back. The Depot is a great place to see any show, so if you are bored get on down there. I once saw an amazing Led Zeppelin cover band called No Quarter there and it was cool.

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