Today was super empty at Snowbird.  Like 24 cars on the bypass, walk on trams, and not a single person hiking Baldy empty. With the lack of skiers you would think it was a poor quality day. This was not the case at all. Creamy wind buffed pow blanketed the mountain and the sun was mostly out. The only negative was that it was a little too warm out there.

It was great to run into Carston Oliver right away this morning and do some super fun riding with him. This little ball of energy can spin and flip his way to a good day in any conditions and today was no exception to that. We found untouched cream on West Baldy, North Baldy and in the Cirque. I am stoked that it is so smooth out there, because the snow that is coming will not have any of the nasty hard spring bumps underneath….except on Silver Fox I hear she is like the Bud Pro Mogul Tour right now.