Liftie + pot = forgetfulness. A stoner loaded a women on the Blackcomb Gondola in Whistler, BC and she was left in the cab overnight. Good Job lift operator Women Left Overnight on Blackcomb Gondola | Unofficial Networks

Women Left Overnight on Blackcomb Gondola

Women Left Overnight on Blackcomb Gondola


Women Left Overnight on Blackcomb Gondola


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How much pot do lifties smoke?

Well here in Whistler apparently a lot because a 25 year-old women spent a cold night on the Excalibur Gondola after the “stoner” failed to follow lift operations protocol. Last week a Whistler Blackcomb employee  loaded a woman into an ascending gondola cab shortly before the lift closed. After hearing this news I immediately thought of the “blockbuster” Frozen (see trailer below).

According to the PIQUE Newspaper “The woman boarded the lift on Mar. 1, between 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. at midstation, intending to ride the gondola down to the village. However, the upper section had not been detached at that point and so she headed up the mountain towards the upper station. Shortly afterwards the upper and lower sections of the lift were split, and the top section was shut down for the night while the bottom section continued to run for several hours.

The woman, described as a foreign national visiting the resort, did not have a cell phone, and was not able get off the gondola until 7:15 a.m. the next morning. She was attended to by members of lift ops and ski patrol, and was reported to be in good health with no adverse affects despite the fact she wasn’t dressed for the cold. According to Whistler Blackcomb the temperature was -2 C when she boarded the gondola, dropping to -9 C overnight. She was in the area where the gondola and Wizard Chair cross, and was not able to attract the attention of groomers or other mountain staff.” To read the rest of the article and Whistler Blackcomb’s “official” statement CLICK HERE.

The word on the soggy streets of Whistler is that the women was generously compensated and both parties walked away happy. [Editors Note: I would spend many-a-nights in many-a-gondolas to be generously compensated by Whistler Blackcomb)


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