US Ski Team member and Unofficial Networks team rider, Travis Ganong, reporting in from the World Cup Tour.

This Webisode is the first edit of many I hope to make documenting my skiing and travels as a member of the US Ski Teams World Cup Downhill Team. Hopefully I will continue to get better at filming and editing and provide the world with a new look at the World Cup Tour directly from a racer’s perspective. GoPro helmet cams gave me a few cameras at the beginning of the season so I could take footage and document some of my adventures on the road. Initially we thought that I was going to be able to use the cameras during World Cup Downhill training runs, but the FIS quickly shut that down. I was still able to get some of the behind the scenes action from a few stops on tour. Here is a really cool look at the scene in Wengen, Switzerland. This place is really special. The only way to get to town is by train, and once in town there are no cars. Then to get to the start of the downhill race you have to get back on the train and go up the mountain. Add 80,000 crazy Swiss ski racing fans, and a really unique classic downhill track that is well over 2 minutes long, and that is The Lauberhornrennen! Enough typing-check out the video and let me know if you like it!

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