Tabke and Collinson win at the Bird and take overall titles.

Tabke and Collinson win at the Bird and take overall titles.

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Tabke and Collinson win at the Bird and take overall titles.


The Freeskiing World Tour wrapped up Saturday, in Snowbird, Utah, with Drew Tabke and Angel Collinson winning both the Freeskiing World Championships, and the coveted McConkey Cup, for the overall season title.  Collinson had clinched the overall title with her win at Kirkwood, two weeks ago, but didn’t hold back, posting the highest score in each of her two runs over the weekend.  When tour leader Lars Chickering-Ayers crashed on run one, Friday, the door was left open for Tabke to take the mens overall title. 

The women threw down with plenty of highlights. Alexis DuPont flashed a nice line and sent an impressive double through a hanging snowfield to land her way in 4th. Nicole Dirksen who had a point advantage going into finals skied a very fast line, unfortunately getting a little lost at the bottom, but instead of side stepping out she pointed it out – half cliff drop / half rock ride – putting her in third place. Crystal Wright skied exceptionally strong and sent a large double in the bottom with no hesitation landing her in 2nd. Angel Collinson showcased her racing background skiing fast super G turns at the top and sending the same double as Alexis & Crystal at the bottom stomping her way onto the top of the podium.

The clouds came in with the men’s field. The first half got off without a hitch but the top 15 athletes took several hours to run; Drew Tabke who was sitting in first after day 1 and thus running last in the finals didn’t drop until after 4pm. But cold legs and stagnant nerves couldn’t stop him – he flew his way down the mountain with huge stomps at every feature putting him at the top of the podium. Crowd favorite Sage Cattabriga-Alosa turned the venue into his own personal slopestyle course making it look like he was just cruising a fun run. 3s to the right, 3s to the left and a huge air at the bottom landed him in 2nd. Chopo Diaz raced his way from top to bottom making all his massive airs look easy putting him in 3rd place.

The North Face Young Gun Award went to Spencer Brinson for the Championships, as well as for the overall; Brinson will receive sponsorship by The North Face for the 2012 season. Silas Chickering-Ayers, in his first year on the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour, took home the final Sick Bird award of the year. A newly created award in honour of Ryan Hawks – The Ryan Hawks Spirit Award – created to celebrate an athlete who reflects the passion and leadership that Ryan brought to the sport, and emulates the qualities for which Ryan was so well known, loved and respected including exemplary sportsmanship, his authentic humility, genuine compassion for all, and capacity to find fun in all situations went to Willie Schneider. Willie will receive pre-qualified status and complimentary entry for the 2012 season.

Final Results from Snowbird

LADIES Result Name Bib Home Mountain Country Run 1 Run 2
1 Angel Collinson 2 Snowbird USA 36.3 36.2
2 Crystal Wright 20 Jackson Hole USA 35.23 35.7
3 Nicole Derksen 98 Revelstoke CAN 34.53 27.966666666667
4 Alexis duPont 5 Sun Valley USA 32.33 30.033333333333
5 Kristi Knaub 24 Big Sky USA 32.97 28.333333333333
6 Natalie Segal 71 Mt. Buller AUS 32.83 22.666666666667
7 Sasha Dingle 89 Stowe USA 34.17 16.5
8 Katie Gillen 88 Taos USA 32.17 15.833333333333
9 Vanessa Aadland 49 Alta USA 31.67 11.6
10 Ashley Maxfield 19 Alta/Jay Peak USA 35.57 TDQ
GENTS Result Name Bib Home Mountain Country Run 1 Run 2
1 Drew Tabke 3 Space Needle Mtn USA 46.1 40.133333333333
2 Sage Cattabriga-Alosa 22 Alta/Snowbird USA 42.17 43.7
3 Chopo Diaz 34 Valle Nevado CHE 43.87 39.733333333333
4 Drew Stoeckline 110 Snowbird USA 40.7 42.5
5 Silas Chickering-Ayers 92 Mad River Glen USA 39.6 42.4
6 Dylan Crossman 80 Mad River Glen/Alta USA 39.07 42.1
7 Spencer Brinson 97 Kirkwood/Snowbird USA 38.17 41.9
8 Riley Bergseng 31 Snowbird USA 41.2 35.933333333333
9 Tom Runcie 33 Crested Butte USA 34.67 42.366666666667
10 Craig Garbiel 30 Kirkwood USA 37.03 39.066666666667
11 Ben Paciotti 54 Squaw Valley USA 41.9 33.133333333333
12 Willie “Rocket” Schneider 69 Alpine USA 36.67 35.5
13 Drew Krawczuk 18 Squaw Valley USA 35.23 35.8
14 Carlo Travarelli 10 Snowbird USA 34.5 34.7
15 Lucas Matelich 32 Snowbowl USA 37.77 30.633333333333
16 Ben Wheeler 90 Snowbird USA 36.73 28.333333333333
17 Nick Greener 101 Snowbird USA 42.87 18.366666666667
18 Tony Seibert 41 Vail USA 39.4 19.5
19 Broc Sheue 107 Sun Valley USA 36.03 21.566666666667
20 Cliff Bennett 15 Mt Navajo USA 40.43 16.066666666667
21 Ted Davenport 50 Aspen USA 37.27 19.033333333333
22 Harrison Hogan Holley 78 Deer Valley USA 39 17
23 Jesse Bryan 36 Snowbird USA 38.93 14.2
24 Mark Filippini 29 Vail USA 40.33 11.866666666667
25 Chuck Mumford 74 Snowbird USA 35.27 16.3
26 Joe Augusten 43 Taos USA 37.23 14.166666666667
27 Fraser McDougall 57 Treble Cone NZE 38.3 12.366666666667
28 Rob Greener 76 Snowbird USA 35.67 14.533333333333
29 Kevin O’Meara 53 Squaw Valley USA 43.37 TDQ
30 Oakley White-Allen 23 Middlebury Snowboal/Snowbird USA 40.63 TDQ
31 Josh Daiek 27 Kirkwood USA 39.5 TDQ
32 Mark Mikos 81 Crested Butte USA 39.1 DQ
33 Griffin Post 4 Jackson Hole USA 38.9 TDQ
34 Daimon Bushi 35 Snowbird USA 36.4 DQ
35 Cam Doane 94 Sugarbush USA 35.5 TDQ

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