Most of the good music in Utah this week is going to be in Ogden. There is never really a good reason to go there other than tunes, so this could be your time to go north. The Jazz are in town and St. Patrick’s day is next Thursday. Break out your green clothes and you drinking shoes!

Saturday March 12thNigel and the Metal Dogs @ Brewskis @ 9:00pm

Rocker photo, Metal Guy, Metal Man, Hair Rocker

Former Metal Gods front man Nigel is kicking it with a new group, the appropriately named Metal Dogs. I am not sure how hard they rock but I can tell you that the Metal Gods suck now without Nigel. He is a great entertainer and worth your five dollars to go see. Just keep an eye on your girlfriend.

Sunday March 13thSweatshop Union @ Brewskis @ 9:00pm

Drive up to Ogden or take the train like a european would to see this well know hip hop crew. O town could use your dollars. This is the best hip hop show there since Ice Cube last month.

Wednesday March 16th Jazz vs. Timberwolves @ Energy Solutions @ 7:00pm

Utah Jazz, Jazz Logo

The Jazz are less than stellar post Sloan, but they gotta keep playing. They need our support to have any chance of success.

Thursday March 17thFat Paw @ Spur Bar & Grill @ 9:00pm

Fat Paw is kinda old school, but they still rock. Think of a mellower version on CCR or the Allman Brother’s Band.

Thursday March 17th St. Patrick’s Day Party @ The Leprechaun Inn @ 11:00am

Leprechaun, St Patrick's Day, Two Leprechauns

Any good Irish man knows you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. Thank god the Leprechaun Inn will be open for business at 11:00am on St. Patrick’s day next thursday. If you like drinking in strip malls before noon this will be perfect for you.