Like a lot of things in Jackson, Recycling is a bit old fashioned. There’s no free curb size pick up. There’s no throw-everything-into-one-container-and-let-someone-else-deal-with-it program. It’s up to you to sort, haul, re-sort, and dump. In the great scheme of things, it’s a few minutes out of your week. Although, it can become daunting if you’re like me and wait until the PBR cans in your  bins reach heights where life-threatening avalanches can become an issue. Recycling “stations”- a handful of blue dumpsters- are located at Albertson’s, the Rodeo Grounds, and South of Town by Storage Stables. Sure, you may get you a little grossed out when stale beer drips down your arms as you’re tossing last month’s Arbor Day party remains into the dumpster, but the sense of satisfaction you get from paying it forward is well worth it.