Japan | The no-Pow Edit

Japan | The no-Pow Edit


Japan | The no-Pow Edit


In February I traveled to Japan… Ever since I saw Ja-Pow in movies I have wanted to go (I have had an obsession with skiing in Japan). So when the opportunity came up to travel to Japan and film the Asia section of Unofficial Networks Skiing the Seven Continents project I was stoked. I overpacked my bags and left 80cm outside my home in Whistler, BC. Got on two flights, two trains, a bus, and a taxi and finally met the crew at the Hakuba Powder Lodge in JAPAN. To make a long story short, the skiing sucked. really warm + really windy = skiing in resort and BN’s (resort GNAR).

So thats my Japan trip in a nutshell: throw in a little Tokyo, Karaoke, more trains, busses, sushi, sake, the red light district, a flight home, + a shrelped Whistler Blackcomb, and that my friends concludes the week.



Bears can be the darndest creatures. This particular black bear must have been craving some bird seeds when he decided to yank a birdfeeder (…)

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