It happened.  They called for 1-2″ last night and we got nine inches of cold smoke without any wind.  The old Telluride wives tale was in effect.  This morning was well deserved, the snow quality was excellent and you barely felt bottom, unless it was rocky.  It was neat skiing the rocky sections and the typical south facing suncrust spots though because everything was sloughing all around.  Sloughalopagus was in full force in the Stonehenge arena and it was coming hard and fast but wasn’t thick enough to knock you down.  It was very cool skiing.  We still need another foot because the takeoffs are sketch as I found out the hard way in the Gold Hill 1 cliffbands.  I had a pretty decent tomahawk because the takeoff brought me to a screeching halt.  I have a feeling we’ll make up for it tomorrow with some hucks though…it is hammering out there right now.

Words by Brian Horton / Edit by Jared Vincent.

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