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SkiDUCK - Skiing and Snowboarding for Kids

SkiDUCK - Skiing and Snowboarding for Kids


SkiDUCK - Skiing and Snowboarding for Kids


SkiDUCK is one of the coolest things going on at Squaw Valley these days. The program, which is run by unpaid volunteers, works with resorts and youth groups to get kids from all over Northern California and Nevada out skiing. Some of the kids are local Tahoe residents from towns like Kings Beach. But despite their  close proximity to the mountains they have never had a chance to go skiing. Other SkiDuck kids are from places like Stockton and Oakland having never seen snow before. Squaw Valley provides enormous help to the program by  providing SkiDuck with over 400 lift tickets, rentals and lessons for the kids. Thats right, 400 lift tickets for kids to go skiing for FREE! Way to go Squaw.

To get involved, donate money or much need gear head over to:

SkiDUCK it’s COOL! SkiDUCK is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of disabled and underprivileged children by sharing the joys of skiing and snowboarding. We’re ENTIRELY volunteer-based (NO paid salaries!) so ALL donations received go directly to support children’s ski and snowboard programs!

We’re committed to partnering with local organizations with similar goals of serving disabled and underprivileged children. And in areas where these needs aren’t yet being served, we seek to establish a sustainable model of service with local resources and volunteers. If your community or organization is interested in partnering with SkiDUCK to establish or enhance a program to help children onto the slopes, give us a QUACK!

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