Look at how awesome this terrain is! Why keep it closed?

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By:  Anonymous, once again

Here is Squaw’s Official response.  I now have information from multiple trusted sources that Squaw DOES in fact plan to have Silverado closed during weekdays for the rest of the season.  Thus, the response below is a BOLD FACED LIE.This is Squaw Valley treating us like idiots.  Are we idiots?  Last I checked we were actually an enormous group of over-educated ski loving freaks that simply want to be respected and not manipulated.  Is it that hard to simply be honest with us?!?!?

Here it is: (and here’s the link:  http://www.squaw.com/silverado)

We understand that there are a number of our passholders and daily ticket purchasers that are disappointed that Silverado is not scheduled at this time.  Decisions concerning what terrain to open and which lifts to operate are made on an ongoing basis dependent upon a host of factors including type of terrain accessed, safety, wind and weather, snow quality and quantity, and other considerations.

We do not have an overarching philosophy to keep Silverado closed mid-week for the remainder of the season.  We are mindful that skiers and riders desire fresh powder particularly on this part of the mountain, and will be considering that when scheduling Silverado’s operations.

We value all of our passholders and guests and appreciate hearing your feedback, both constructive and positive.  We are committed to being a place where skiers and riders can access the diverse terrain we offer as conditions allow.  Stay tuned to our snow report, website and social media channels for current lift operating schedules.

Just tell us that you made a bad decision and that you’d like to reconsider it and tell us SOMETHING about what you’re going to do with Silverado in the near future.  In this statement above, you don’t tell us anything about what you’re actually going to do.  Typical politics from a typical money-comes-first company.  C’mon, you’re Squaw, you have to hugest opportunity to be cool.  SO WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU!?!?!?

UPDATE:  The San Francisco Chronicle is in on this now:

Here is the link to the article: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/ski/detail?entry_id=84147#ixzz1FUykIEuW

and here is a bit of  the article:

Controversy at Squaw Valley: Silverado Closed Mid-Week

Squaw Valley skiers and snowboarders are up in arms over the resort’s decision to close down the Silverado area of the mountain during weekdays.

The Silverado chair and surrounding terrain is a favorite spot for serious skiers and boarders looking to find windblown caches of powder. These folks were none to happy to find out their favorite chair would be shut down in an apparent cost-cutting measure. I’ve e-mailed the folks at Squaw to clarify the situation but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll update this post if they send me any details.

The UnofficialSquaw.com Web site has put up a particularly vitriolic, anonymous letter that captures the frustration of season pass holders and single day riders who are paying upwards of $88 per day to get on the mountain.

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