A 6 Pack, with Errol Kerr from Copter Kids.
Words by JT Holmes

Who?? Run by two of the youngest people in the industry, the Copter Kids have always been considered the “kids” on set. But don’t let their young age fool you, with a combined 20+ years of RC experience as well as 10+ years in video and film, Trent Palmer and Errol Kerr (childhood friends) make the perfect team for shooting aerial video.  Trent is the owner of Copterkids LLC.  Errol Kerr is an Olympic skier X racer, life long Squaw skier and all around bad ass. He is Trent’s right hand man, and he agreed to a brief interview with Unofficial about his off-snow passion and line of work.

What?? Copter kids specializes in low range aerial cinematography through the use of our radio controlled platforms.  Basically, they have bitchen remote control helicopters mounted with Canon 7D, 5D DSLR cameras.    You can see some of their work on discovery hd theatre, un upcoming Bridgestone Tires commercial and a music video with rappers Gucci Mane and  Swizz Beatz.  Check out their reel here: http://copterkidsllc.com/2010/12/aerial-demo-reel/

Or on you tube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ninrX9PdG60

Where?? Copter Kids is Tahoe based, run out of a garage. When asked where he sees Copter Kids in 5 years Errol stated that their “goal is to get on a feature film.”

When?? Copter Kids is essentially 14 years in the making, because Trent and Errol have been RCing together since childhood.  However, the serious business of putting cameras on RC helicopters really only got started 2 years ago.  Errol tells us that this spring it really came together. “The Canon 7d and 5d technology is small and really high quality video, that and some advancements in RC battery technology really kicked it into gear.”

Why?? Working as a full time editor, Trent Palmer witnessed the blossoming of a movement to achieve footage with RC helicopters and said to himself and his best friend Errol:  “We can do that, we can do that better.”  Errol agreed, and from there it was on.

How?? 50 volts battery run power at 10,000 milli amps allow their RC helicopters to go 85 MPH, making most any high speed subject a reasonable one. Copter Kids has 3 helicopters in their fleet.  Further, They also have  4 Mini Quadcopters.  These are cheaper, lighter and less powerful.  They are compatible with Contours, Go Pro Hero cameras.   Mini Quadcopters further broaden the scope of potential subject because they can fly so accurately and non invasively that they get killer shots indoors.  They can, for instance, follow a subject our the from door.  Soon they will release a bigger RC helicopter for bigger cameras, like the Red Camera.  This will be gas powered, which opens a whole new can of worms, smoke, noise  etc… The current RC helis, being battery powered, are smokeless and silent, but limited in carrying weight and running time due to expiring battery power

Photos courtesy of http://copterkidsllc.com/

Contact: copterkidsllc@gmail.com

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