California Snow bring California Crowds

California Snow bring California Crowds


California Snow bring California Crowds


Today I saw more then a few people have the greatest ski run of their lives. It was that good. More people skiing and riding today at Squaw Valley then any day I can remember. It was Nuts! Every chair that was spinning, which was all of them but Silverado, had a lift line. There were just so many people. People everywhere. People in the woods, people sitting on chairlifts, people skiing off KT, People skiing Links, people down in the village. People Everywhere. It was NUTS.   Way to Go Squaw. You guys must have crushed it today with all of them people here. And I must say that you did a good job of getting the terrain open and managing this enormous mass of patrons.

If you want to know who much snow we got in Tahoe this photo says it all. Thats got to be 30-35 feet of standing snow. Holy Cow!

Look at all these people!

Oh yeah, today we awesome.

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