No pass, no problem

No pass, no problem


No pass, no problem


With our passes blacked out for the holiday weekend,  we headed to one of my favorite little bc zones, just outside Truckee.  We had come in search of pillows, and found many of the features buried beneath the nearly eight feet of snow that had fallen over the previous four days.  Skinning was more like burrowing a trench uphill, and it took us the better part of  an hour and a half to gain 500 vertical feet, so we decided to session a small zone at the bottom of the slope.  Once the skin track was in, the laps were quick, and it was like skiing in a video game.

The snow was so deep and soft, Mattias decided to leave his skis at the top and swan dive off the cliff…

But, after seeing how much fun I was having with my skis on he decided to try skiing.

GP Martin capturing the insanity.

Airing into my line.  Sticking the relatively flat landings, while maintaining your speed was a challenge all day.  Thanks to Jason Lynn for all the photos.

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