Winter is Back at Squaw Valley!

Winter is Back at Squaw Valley!


Winter is Back at Squaw Valley!


It’s about G.D. time old man winter showed back up, bringing a couple feet of blower pow thus far in the storm cycle.  I think I saw my whole neighborhood out on the hill today, which was quite pleasant.  Winds were howling, face shots were plentiful, and ear-to-ear smiles even more so.  

The short video above is a few local skiers and boarders getting their winter legs and smile muscles back in shape.  I thought the 40 Day Dream song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros off the Up from Below album appropriate.

NOAA Weather Forecast for Squaw Valley

As you can see above, this weather ain’t goin’ no where fast, so keep stretching those nice legs of yours, eat lots of proteins and carbs, and drink lots of coffee and beer.

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