Re-building the North Slope Park
Re-building the North Slope Park

I was quite surprised at the conditions today!  After having warm temps and then a deep freeze, I thought the entire mountain would be a frozen ice chunk.  Much to my surprise, the few inches that fell 2 nights ago seemed to keep everything in check.  The groomers were super fun!  They were fast and had some great chalky snow that you could really lay an edge on!  Rather then take groomers all day, I opted to lap the park and pipe.  Although the North Slope Park was being re-built (it needed it!), I was really glad to see the Pipe was in such great shape!  The park crew had cut it last night and it sure rode well.  With really no one hitting the pipe today (no pun intended) the walls and flat bottom stayed nice and fresh, meaning full speed ahead!  Hopefully the pipe stays good through the next few days when it is supposed to warm up.  With warmer temps, the pipe is always really fun, but it can get really rutted out and make it hard to ride when it re-freezes.  Either way, we’re bound to have some fun park days ahead!  The park crew has been doing a great job in all of the parks and it really shows.  Mad props to the whole park crew!  Keep up the good work boys!

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