Unofficial Japan - Hakuba

Unofficial Japan - Hakuba


Unofficial Japan - Hakuba


A contingent of the Unofficial crew has just arrived in Hakuba, Japan for 10 days of powder shredding. Our mission is to film the Asia segment of our Seven Continents Project which is nearing completion. Hakuba is a small ski resort town that lies just outside of Nagano (Home of the 1998 winter Olympics). The ski resorts within the town of Hakuba have become famous around the freeskiing community for their allowance of “backcountry” skiing. Japanese people believe their woods are sacred and should not be entered but in Hakuba the woods are open for hooting and hollering.

It is snowing hard at the moment and we keep hearing how great the skiing has been so keep an eye on Unofficial for live trip reports from the land of the rising sun.

Get stoked out on Japan shredding with Car Danchi.

Nagano, Japan.

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