Team Andrew Strain force themselves out of bed for the final day of the 2011 Ski Salt Lake Shootout. Enjoy as they spend the day in the Snowbird Backcountry. Utah. Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 4 | Unofficial Networks

Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 4

Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 4


Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 4


Day 4 of the 2011 Ski Salt Lake Shootout was another sunny day in the mountain of Utah. Steam Train began the day, once again, at 4am however this time they were shut out of dawn patrol because of bombing. A good thing as the group was as sleepy as a sloth on valium. With a  nap in the lodge the team was ready to go again and found themselves touring around the Snowbird Backcountry. A sick zone. To see the line of the day go to 3:30 into the video but I recomend you watch the whole thing.

Up next is the final party and awards. Stay tuned.

Similar to the Deep Winter Photo Challenge that was held in Whistler, BC three weeks ago, Unofficial Networks is following Photographer Andrew Strain and his Steam Train around for the four days of the Salt Lake Shootout. The Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 4 video shows the Steam Train’s second day of the competition…shooting at Snowbird.

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