Remember These Tahoe!? They're called "Clouds"...GET USED TO THEM!!!

Remember These Tahoe!? They're called "Clouds"...GET USED TO THEM!!!


Remember These Tahoe!? They're called "Clouds"...GET USED TO THEM!!!


rainier clouds lenticulars

There really isn’t anything to talk about other than the weather right now.  A storm is coming and that should be enough to freak anyone in the Greater Lake Tahoe Area completely out.  And it if it hasn’t, you may need live  jumper-cables attached directly to your nipples just to readjust your grasp on reality.

This weekend:  real hot, real sunny, California style.


Then monday….well, rain maybe.  But, after that!?  After that it’s game on.  The forecasts are looking damn good. is saying 2-4 feet by next weekend:

This storm will also bring high winds, with sustained winds of 50 mph and gusts of up to 100 mph along the Sierra Crest. By the time it moves east on Wednesday, this system should bring up to two feet of snow to the peaks above 7,000 feet.

Another storm is on schedule to follow that one later in the week, either Thursday or Friday. The early forecast models differ on the precise track this storm will take. If it makes a direct pass over Tahoe we could see another two feet. If it drifts to our south, our totals would be less.

So, taking the two storms together, two to four feet by Presidents Day weekend remains the best estimate.

faceshot 2

Ok, reality check, the forecast isn’t very solid at all just yet.  However, the undeniable fact that SOMETHING is going to happen and that there’ll be objects in the sky other than vicious-snow-melting-sun is nice to hear.

We’ve had this powerful blocking ridge in place so long that it’s going to take a storm or two to slam into it and knock it out of place.  This usually means that the storms that do the slamming won’t exactly hit us full on, but they will break the ridge down and set up a perfect strike zone for near future storms to barrel through the North Pacific, pick up a ton of moisture and cold air along the way, and explode directly upon Tahoe as the La Nina Gods have destined.

faceshot 3

THIS is what we’ve been waiting for, for 6 weeks.  THIS is why we call Tahoe home.  THIS is why were are going to be the envy of the ENTIRE skiing world for the next 4-6 weeks.  THIS is Lake Tahoe, baby!

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