the second day of the ski Salt Lake Shootout with team Andrew Strain shooting at Alta ski resort. Check out the video. Longest day of our lives. Skiing for 14 hours Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 2 | Unofficial Networks

Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 2

Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 2


Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 2


Yesterday was day two of the Salt Lake Shootout. Steam Train got up at 4am and went for a dawn photo shoot, however the clouds came in the morning and well… wait and see. Next Steam train went inbounds at Alta Ski resort, AND STRAIN SNOWBOARDED ON ALTA, then the team went for a nap, and out for a sunset shoot. [editors note: I have never been more tired in my life, we did 3 long tours and skied for 14 hours, 4am-6pm]

Similar to the Deep Winter Photo Challenge that was held in Whistler, BC three weeks ago, Unofficial Networks is following Photographer Andrew Strain and his Steam Train around for the four days of the Salt Lake Shootout. The Ski Salt Lake Shootout -Day 2 video shows the Steam Train’s second day of the competition…shooting at Alta.


The snow was absolutely dumping out of the sky. You know when it snows so hard that it’s kind of a nuisance? I mean I love powder skiing as (…)

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