Go Huck Yourself - Boreal's BagJump

Go Huck Yourself - Boreal's BagJump


Go Huck Yourself - Boreal's BagJump


We still have no pow in the Sierra. WTF?! But the sunshine has made for sweet days in the terrain park. Boreal upped the ante on their park scene this season by installing a massive airbag called a BagJump. They have the 50′ x 50′ pad sitting behind a poppy wedge that’s perfect for learning stupid tricks.

Launching into the BagJump is pretty trippy the first time. You think you’re going to splat, but reality is, it’s more of a slip-out. The vinyl surface is super slippery so no matter what hits first, feet or face, you slide in that direction while it absorbs your impact. The moment after you land is strange too.  You’re swallowed by the vinyl and it seems too slippery to climb out. Once you get your head above your feet it’s pretty easy to wallow your way to the side though.

Bottom line is the BagJump will suck up even the worst huck and is really rad for blowing up your bag of tricks. No wonder the X-Games was such a gymnastics contest this year. Big up to Boreal for bringing one of these handmade Canadian toys to North Tahoe. It’s open to the public Weds-Sun from 11-3 and costs $50 for ten jumps or $199 for an unlimited season pass.

Now watch Ralph Backstrom, Mat Jackson and a bunch of Boreal rippers stomp sh!t on vinyl.

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