What the Hell to do in SLC this week?

What the Hell to do in SLC this week?


What the Hell to do in SLC this week?


Well it is shaping up to be a pretty rad next couple of days. There is a bunch of good music in town as always and the Packers are battling the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Go Jets!!! If you don’t have plans consider this tid bits..

Friday Feb. 4thStonefed @ The Hog Wallow @ 9:00pm

I have seen these guys a bunch of times and they are getting better and better. Back in the day one of the guys was my waiter at Eddie Mctiffs in Moab. Look at him now….I am so proud.

Saturday Feb 5thBob Marley’s Birthday Bash @ Star Bar in Park City @ 9:00pm

Come celebrate the birthday of Reggae’s biggest star with a bunch of people who never met him. I figure this would be a good place to meet that girl you have always dreamed of, you know the one with the dreds and unshaved areas. Enjoy!

Saturday Feb. 5thNorm MacDonald @ Wiseguys @ 7:30pm and 10:00pm $25

Norm killed it back in the day on SNL. Now he is touring around making you laugh for $25 bucks a pop. I think I might go to this just to see if he still has it. Remember back in the day when he did all the late night shows wasted. I will forever be a fan because of that.

Sunday Feb. 6thSuper Bowl Jam @ Elevate @ 2:30pm

Super Bowl, XLV, Super Bowl Image, Football, 2011

We all know it is more fun to watch football in a crowded bar where the excitement can be felt without even looking at the TV screen. At Elevate there might even be some gold diggin hotties that want to meet a guy just like you….except this guy will have money. So plan on lying about your income and where you live (again) so you can get some post game action.

Tuesday Feb. 8thKaraoke that doesn’t Suck @ The Woodshed @ 9:00pm

Girls, Karaoke, Girls in Swimsuit, Girls Dancing

No, it will not look anything like this. You should go check it out anyway, because it will be fun as hell. Go ahead and sing that Bon Jovi song you were alwyas so good at. I am sure your friends will get a kick out of how good you are.

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