Local Spot: Cafe Rio

Local Spot: Cafe Rio


Local Spot: Cafe Rio


Cafe Rio, Salt Lake Restaurant Review, Review of Cafe Rio

I am a huge sucker for Mexican food, and that is a good thing because in Salt Lake there is plenty of good Mexican and not much else.  One of my favorite places to hit up is Cafe Rio. Yeah, I hate chains as much as you do, but I make an exception for this place because the food is so damn good.  If you have lived in SLC for longer that a few days you have probably heard of Cafe Rio since their reputation is strong with both the Mormons and the ski bum population.

Cafe Rio, Salt Lake Restaurant Review, Review of Cafe Rio, Burrito,

It is key to always try to hit the Rio at non-traditional eating times. At lunch or dinner time you are looking at a pretty solid 20+ minute line to order any day of the week. I went today at 11:30am for lunch and that was just early enough to beat the big line. It was enormous about 15 minutes later. If you have not been already then I should prepare you for the ordering process. The guys and girls behind the line do not have the time or patience to deal with you if you are dithering around with your order. It is this simple: Burrito or Salad, Regular or Wheat Tortilla, Black or Pinto Beans, Hot, Medium or Mild, Enchilada style or not? Got all that?

Cafe Rio, Salt Lake Restaurant Review, Review of Cafe Rio, Cafe Rio Salad

I will make it easy for you. Always get a salad because it is a burrito that is not wrapped up with a bunch of awesome salad on top. So you get like a two for one kinda thing for only a dollar more. I would recommend going with the Black Bean, because Maxim Magazine did a study a long time back and deemed the Black Bean the King of All Beans for its healthy properties. Lastly, and most importantly, your meat selection is key. I always go with either the Fire Roasted Chicken or the Pork Barbacoa. Either way you can’t go wrong. Next time you are hungry and it is around 2:30pm do yourself a favor and go over to the nearest Cafe Rio and order what I just told you to order. You are welcome.

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