Squaw - Terrain Report: 12-29-10

Squaw - Terrain Report: 12-29-10


Squaw - Terrain Report: 12-29-10


Update: The day made a full turn around, it just kept getting better and better. Each run the skiing improved off Kt until around 2:00pm when Red Dog, Far East and Resort Chair Opened. The woods off Paulson’s Gully held deep snow and were just about as good as it gets. Still tons of fresh snow out there for tomorrow.

At 8am this morning there were a hand full of people at KT lift line due to blackout dates and gapers that wanted to sleep in. By 9:30 we were still waiting and the singles line was almost to the race shack.

It was not as good as you might think out there this morning. Almost everything off KT slid and what didn’t slide was heavy, wind compacted and fairly unpredictable. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a super fun morning it was just not as good as we all thought it would be.

As of 10:50 the skiing was limited to KT and Extrabitchen due to high winds and high avalanche danger. If the Sun can poke through the clouds we should see the wind die down and maybe some more chairs open but I am not holding my breath.

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